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trauma team

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Norma Magdaleno, DBH, LCSW
Director /Psychotherapist
Clinical Supervisor
Mandee Chance, MBA, MSC/CCMH, NCC, LPC-S
Clinical Supervisor
Norma is a Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  Norma is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) specializing in sexual trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and relationship violence.  She has over 20 years of experience working with multi-cultural family systems including adults and adolescents in a variety of settings.  Norma’s psychotherapeutic approach focuses on developmental stages and the use of systems, psychodynamic, social learning, and transpersonal models.  Norma also provides guidance with co-occurring disorders and disease management. She is available for professional consultations and supervision.
Spanish speaking.
Contact: (520) 303-1697                                          

Mandee is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who works with families and individuals using a spectrum of modalities that fit the needs of the client.  Mandee works with families, individuals, and children.  She helps people find their strength to overcome symptoms of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, grief, aggression, sexual maladaptive behaviors, family issues, and psychoeducation. Mandee also has extensive work experience with military service memebers with the US Army and US Air Force. 

Contact: 520-222-9458

Derek Reece, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor/Therapist
Derek is Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), that assists individuals/families  with complex issues in an relaxed and safe space. Derek's flexible approach helps individuals with pain, cravings, self image and control,  repression, problem solving, shifting attitudes or influences through empowerment and change. Call for more information and/or schedule. 
Contact: 520-490-1195
Rodger Lee MSC, NCC, LPC
Rodger is a licensed therapist that specializes in assisting children, adolescents, adults, and families with behavioral issues including trauma, depression, delinquency, anxiety, ADHD, and aggression/anger management.  He is available for psychoeducational trainings.
Contact: (520) 353-2051
Carrie Wilson, MA, NCC, LPC
Carrie has a Master’s degree in Behavioral Health Counseling from Northern Arizona University. Utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral and Person-Centered therapies, Carrie specializes in trauma and trauma-related issues and also assists clients experiencing deficits of self-esteem, depression and anxiety.  
Contact: (520) 337-2301 
Liliana is a Licensed Master Social Worker and has worked with long term and short term foster care. Her specialties include, but are not limited to, client centered approach, solution focus, cognitive behavioral therapy, and trauma narrative. She works with teenagers, families, adults, and couples who experience issues with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and any other challenges that interfere with daily life .   
Bilingual Therapist
Phone (775) 591-8782
Liliana Sanchez, LMSW
Jackie photo.jpg
Jacqueline Sheppard, LPC, NCC, MSC
Jacqueline has a Master of Science in Counseling degree from the University of Phoenix. She works with all populations and all ages (foster care, post-jail release-probation, intellectual disabilities, LGBTQ, and elderly) and has experience providing trauma care, relationship/ family therapy, anger management, domestic violence/ substance abuse classes, skills training, anxiety/depression and career/vocational coaching. In addition, Jacqueline is fluent in English and Spanish. Her modalities generally include person-centered, solution-focused therapies using an existential approach.
Call/Text for free 20-min consultation!
Contact: (520) 477-8697
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 Kelsey Garcia Faber, MA, LAC

Kelsey is a Licensed Associate Counselor with a Masters in Counseling & Mental Health from the University of Arizona. Kelsey uses a holistically centered, strengths-based approach to specialize with adolescents, teens, and families to explore the root of emotional trauma and dysregulation in the family & community systems of her clients. Kelsey also works with adults and uses mindfulness & cognitive behavioral therapy to meet her client's unique needs & experiences. Kelsey also has experience with crisis response, LGBTQ+ clients, separation/divorce, depression & anxiety, social skills & behavioral difficulties, self-esteem issues, perfectionism and underachievement.

Phone:  520-369-3294
Andrea Ward, MS, LAC

Andrea has earned a Master’s Degree in counseling and is currently a Licensed Associate Counselor. Andrea works with individuals who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, and grief/loss. Using a strengths-based perspective Andrea will assist you in identifying what you want from counseling, determine your personal goals, explore what you are willing to do to reach your goals, and learn how to get there. Let’s explore your strengths and build the confidence to make the changes you desire.



Stephanie is a licensed associate counselor holding a Master’s degree in clinical counseling with
an emphasis on somatic therapies and substance abuse disorders. Stephanie utilizes a heartfelt
and integrative approach of care rooted in trauma-informed, present-centered, strengths-
based, and solution-focused therapies. Stephanie uses cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR,
Yoga therapy, Transformative Touch (formerly Rubenfeld Synergy Method), and more to work
with individuals and couples experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD
and trauma recovery, self-esteem/identity issues, relationship/attachment issues, ADHD, and
grief/loss. Stephanie is available to meet in the office or in home. For more information or
to schedule your session please contact her at:
Phone: 520-730-8176

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Robin Edgell, MSW, LMSW

Robin is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), who has experience working with families, adolescents, relationships and those in the military. Her specialties include, but are not limited to, client centered strength-based approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), PTSD and trauma work. Robin works with teens, families, those in relationships, and the LGBTQIA+ Community who are working through depression, anxiety, communication issues, trauma processing and other large life changes. Robin uses a compassionate approach, combined with strength-based techniques, to help clients work through the challenges that they are facing. Through psychoeducation, communication, skills learning, and healthy coping skills, Robin can assist you in your journey to better mental health.

Phone: (520) 403-6775


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